QUYLTE.COM is a Bear Paw Quilt Company and is a new way to experience fabric shopping. While we still maintain and support our old site (www.bearpawquilting.com), QUYLTE is our wave into the future. Offering several new features such as customer accounts, customer fabric reviews, tagging, facebook integration and even an AI to help suggest prints based on your order history. We hope you enjoy QUYLTE but if the site is a little to complicated you can still visit our sister site as it has the same fabrics.

If you would like to show in our store & warehouse, please call us at 618-662-3391 or knock on our back door. Can't visit during our normal hours? There is almost always someone here M-F 7am - 3pm CST. The front door is never "open" as a normal storefront so we can better focus on our internet customers. CALL AHEAD and we can open the store almost any day of the week just for you and your friends.

The Bear Paw Quilt Co. was established January 2002 in downtown Flora Illinois. What started out to be a hobby (the love of quilting) has now grown into 6 day per week life fulfillment, which is being able to pass along the art and love of quilting.

Bear Paw has expanded three times since we started in 2002, now fill three buildings with over 15,000 bolts of quilting and novelty fabric. As well as a great selection of sewing related gifts.

We now have 9 employees working at Bear Paw Quilt Co and QUYLTE that include 2 webmasters to handle our ever-increasing Internet businesses. Our policy is to make every visit to Bear Paw Quilt Co. and QUYLTE (whether in person or online) an enjoyable shopping experience.

So come join us today for a great experience and happy quilting.

Everyone at QUYLTE and Bear Paw Quilt Co.